Wake Up America!!

I believe there has never been a greater time in our lives that we as Americans need to pay attention to our county’s affairs and the world’s. We have a group of people who have sworn to kill Americans where ever we are and some Americans saying, “We deserve it!” We have a school system that many feel is not teaching our students the basics skills to prepare them for adult life. Worse than all of those things is that we have thousands of people who believe that politics doesn’t affect them and their vote doesn’t count. I believe it is up to us as individuals to make our communities a better place.

I believe in the concept of individual responsibility, the ownership of one’s own destiny and the understanding that all actions have consequences. I believe those consequences, whatever they may be, should be accepted and not blamed on someone or something else. When we have that basic believe and every citizen is given the opportunity to choose to better himself or herself, we will all benefit.

Fredrick Wilson


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